How To Avoid Water Retention During Pregnancy

Swelling it is one of the common issues during pregnancy. There are various women who suffer this problem at the starting of the pregnancy and some towards the end. There is also a propensity among some females to puff up more than other. There are hormone fluctuations and body going into overdrive generating hormones and blood, there is a natural propensity to swell also maintains water. Water retention at the time of pregnancy is means to making the body supple and making gap for development that so naturally presents. There are almost 25% of pregnant ladies gain weights because of water retention.

Besides this there are particular other factors that give to water retention and following swelling in hoping mothers. Normally swelling enhances in the second and ending semester. If you are living in a hot or humid area, then you will have a propensity for water retention, naturally. A deficiency of hydration can also affect the body to retain water. Sitting or standing for long hours can also cause water retention. Consumption of excess caffeine based drinks and consuming processed foods that includes sodium in excess can cause bloating.

As water retention and bulge is not very hazardous, you will have to take observe of unexpected and extreme swelling. This could be an indication of preeclampsia. This can be very terminal if not treated on time. There are some more signs of this illness such as soaring blood pressure, seeing spots and severe headaches.

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Water retention at the time of pregnancy is also known as edema. There are various methods which you cab tackle this problem. So it is very essential to maintain yourself hydrated and also make sure that food you consume has low sodium content and extreme level of potassium. Also important avoid standing and sitting for long hours at one place. There are panty hoses designed specially for hold your legs and promote circulation. You can also practice exercises, after consulting your doctor.

You can also go for pregnancy massages, as massages helps you to give relax and soothe away any type of pains or aches of pregnancy.