Setting a New Trend with Men Eyebrow Waxing

Ask any parents and they will be the first to admit that dressing their daughters is harder than dressing their sons. Visit any department store to verify that the girls’ and ladies’ section offer more choices than those found in the boys’ and men’s sides.

A woman takes up too much time when preparing to go out, whether to the office, go out on a date, or simply on an errand. Meanwhile, a man merely gets up and goes out the door, with less fuss.

However, the changing times have made most men conscious of how they look. The publications of magazine’s exclusively catering to the male hormones have made an influence on how they think. Men became more aware of the need to look good similar to their female counterparts.

Male makeovers

Generally, men do not wear any makeup. Unless you are a celebrity, you would definitely be embarrassed to be seen wearing lipstick, blush-on or mascara on your face. Male movie and television stars need to put on makeup so that they will register well on screen. They also have their celebrity status to maintain. This does not mean, though, that the ordinary, average men cannot partake of some of the luxuries women are currently enjoying.

If you can afford it, most men can pamper themselves by observing the same beauty regimen that most women do. You can go to a salon or a health spa to have a hair or facial treatment, body scrub or massage, exfoliate, among others. You can use facial cleansers and moisturizers to keep your skin smooth and young-looking. For your eyes, it will look odd if you use eye makeup. Fortunately, there is something you can do to your eyebrows. There is what is called men eyebrow waxing.

Eyebrow Shape

Your eyebrows lend emphasis to your eyes. There may be a need on shaping the brow above each eye in order to add or enhance the angles of your face. A pair of well-shaped eyebrows may even highlight your personality.

The removal of hair on your brows requires some sacrifice on your part since the process may be painful. One option would be eyebrow plucking. With the use of tweezers, hair on your eyebrow is plucked out one by one. A second option is eyebrow threading. Under this method, hairs are pulled out using a thread. The last option is eyebrow waxing, that is hair removal with the use of wax.

Men Eyebrow Waxing

Male eyebrow waxing is not unheard of. There are a number of salons as well as spas that offer this kind of service for men. Men are supposed to have a higher tolerance of pain than women. This method of eyebrow hair removal is most suitable to them.

If you feel conscious in going to a salon or spa to have your eyebrows shaped, there are available waxing kits for sale. This kit is not recommended for first timers since precision and experience are required. It is best to rely on the expertise of those people who are familiar in eyebrow waxing.