How to Pick T-Shirt Size Fits Your Body Type

T-shirts are an indispensable fashion item for men when the summer comes. Each man has a different appearance and physique. So how to pick t shirt size fits your body type as well as shows your individuality and style?

Men have the different body types such as thin, fat, tall, short …So you should know how to pick t shirt size fits your body type wisely to hide physical flaws when wearing it.

Women or men who have the proportions body are very easy to choose the fits clothes. Any girl knows how to choose the skirt to show their body, so men also should know how to pick t shirt size to emphasized the proportioned body. For guys who have a perfect body, how to pick t shirt to the right size is the easy thing. From the V neck t shirt, round neck t shirt, loose or body t shirt, there is no problem for them, as long as picking the t shirt size which fit the body.

T shirt for men have fat and short body

Guys who are fat and short physique often choose t shirt wider than physique, aim to hide their pot-bellied. Besides, the dark color t shirt, the neutral color t shirt is also the suggests helping them look neat and “slim” more.

If you are a short and fat, do not wear too long t shirts, just choose a shirt of medium or shorter in size to look get taller.

T shirt for men have tall and thin body

These guys are usually quite confident about their height, however, they all feeling of inferiority about weight. To choose the t-shirt size fits this body type is not difficult, you should choose the pull light t-shirt (blue, white ..). It must fit with the size, should not be bigger. If it’s bigger, you will see your body seem “swimming” in the t shirt. You can combine the waistcoat or overcoat, you’ll look so personality.

T shirt for men have muscular body

They look very strong and large on the surface. So, to have a nice t shirt, you should choose tight t shirts or V neck t shirts, and especially the tank tops, long sleeves t shirts… Which make you extremely manly and strong.