How to Pick T-Shirt Size Fits Your Body Type

T-shirts are an indispensable fashion item for men when visiting Wisata Tangerang or summer arrives. Every man has a different appearance and physique. So how to choose a t-shirt size that suits your body type and shows your individuality and style?

Men have different body types such as thin, fat, tall, short … So you must know how to choose the size of the shirt that suits your body type wisely to hide the physical flaws when wearing it.

Women or men who have a proportional body are very easy to choose clothes that fit. Every girl knows how to choose a skirt to show their body, so guys should also know how to choose a t-shirt size to emphasize a proportional body. For men who have an ideal body, choosing the right size shirt is easy. From V-neck t-shirts, round neck t-shirts, loose t-shirts or body t-shirts, there is no problem for them, as long as they choose a shirt size that fits their body.

T shirt for men have fat and short body

Guys who are fat and short physique often choose t shirt wider than physique, aim to hide their pot-bellied. Besides, the dark color t shirt, the neutral color t shirt is also the suggests helping them look neat and “slim” more.

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If you are a short and fat, do not wear too long t shirts, just choose a shirt of medium or shorter in size to look get taller.

T shirt for men have tall and thin body

These guys are usually quite confident about their height, however, they all feeling of inferiority about weight. To choose the t-shirt size fits this body type is not difficult, you should choose the pull light t-shirt (blue, white ..). It must fit with the size, should not be bigger. If it’s bigger, you will see your body seem “swimming” in the t shirt. You can combine the waistcoat or overcoat, you’ll look so personality.

T shirt for men have muscular body

They look very strong and large on the surface. So, to have a nice t shirt, you should choose tight t shirts or V neck t shirts, and especially the tank tops, long sleeves t shirts… Which make you extremely manly and strong.