Get More Expressive Eyes with the Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

If you love to have dramatic eyes, would like the color of the eyes to really pop out or achieve a more expressive eyes, then you need to know the different smokey eye makeup tips. Having smokey eyes doesn’t necessarily mean a gothic look, which is way darker. It creates a sultry and sexy look.

The smokey eye makeup is usually used by Asian women perhaps as part of tradition or as a way of creating the illusion that they have bigger eyes (think of the Japanese).

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

There is a variety of tips on how to apply a smokey makeup simply because there are also different types of eye colors. You even have to take into consideration the color of the hair. You have to remember that the smokey eye makeup should complement very well with the real hues of the eyes. Otherwise, they will be useless. The smokey effect will only drown the real color of the eyes.

To create a smokey eye makeup for green eyes, you can combine the colors of caramel and beige. Ensure that their tints blend well together. You can also create a beautiful effect to your green eyes if you’re going to use the purple hues. You can end the makeup session with dark eyeliner.

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For the smokey eye makeup for blue eyes, you can combine dark blue and crushed black all together. You can use the fingers if you want to even out the application all across the eyes. On the other hand, if you have hazel eye, you need to determine first the more dominant color. Sometimes the eyes can appear brown, gray, green, or blue. When you have identified the more dominant hue, you can then be able to create the most complementary pair of hues. You can add some shimmer for enhancement.

The blondes will do well with a combination of gray and black.

How to Apply Smokey Eye Makeup

The first step to smokey eye makeup application is to apply the concealer. You need to hide the blemishes and spots on your face, especially within the eye area. Dab a small amount underneath the eyes to get rid of dark eyes. You can then start working on your eyes.

The first of the many smokey eye makeup tips is to apply the eyeliner on both the top and bottom portions of the eyelids. If you already have big eyes, you don’t want them to appear much bigger. Thus, apply the liner from one corner to another. If you have small eyes, you can begin lining in the middle going outside.

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Then apply the eyeshadow. It’s common to have two general colors for the eyes, one of them placed on the crease to emphasize depth on the eyes. You can use your fingers, Q-tip or the eyeshadow brush.

Having More Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

There are more smokey eye makeup tips or ideas you can find online at Puncak Jaya. The internet will give you photos on how to get a natural look with a little smokey eyes. You can also search for video tutorials.