7 Side Effects Which Can Cause The Taking Coffee in Summer

Summer is such a season which is not liked by everyone and in the season everyone feel bad because scorching sunlight and the perspiration is everywhere the smelling of sweat can feel everywhere if we feel hot then we start to take coffee in much quantity then which reaction of it will be on our body because our body is full heat up in the summer we want to drink more water at the place of any hot drinks means we prefer the cold things than the hot .no doubt the smell of the coffee is very delicious and we feel fresh in the morning when we drink coffee but drink coffee only in the season of winter when the foggy season are continue and the coffee is made with different ways some like to drink dark and some mild some with the cream and the sugar and other like to go with the plain coffee it is depend on your choice it is fact that and I also admit that coffee will stay us fresh and concentrated on our work it help us to awake but one cup of coffee is enough in summer otherwise you should ready for the side effects of the coffee which are on our body. So stay with us and see which type of side effects due to the coffee in summer.


When you use something in the plenty of then you become addicted of that thing and the excess of everything is bad to the addiction of coffee many diseases are produced in you if you are drinking 10 to 12 cup in a day then you are becoming the addicted of coffee and when you will not find the coffee in such quantity you will feel doziness and half sleepy then you should avoid from too much coffee because when you become use to of drinking coffee in much quantity then you will feel your hands are trembling , nervousness, cold sweat and the anger will be increase if you don’t drink your coffee cups.

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High blood pressure

Due to the coffee more than cup it become the cause of high blood pressure and high blood pressure is not only with the coffee but if you take too much cups of tea then your blood pressure become exceed than your normal blood pressure if you are drinking too much coffee then the blood pressure become forever in your blood and after few months you will feel headache and in your ears ringing the bell so avoid to use too much caffeine otherwise blood pressure is overcome on you.


The use of too much coffee can finish your sleep from your eyes and you feel restlessness and it become the cause of bad sleep the people who drink coffee at night they want to keep themselves awake so they drink coffee but if you drink 3 to 4 cup coffee then it is confirm that your night sleep is vanished because caffeine is the severe enemy of rest and sleep. Insomnia is very badly affected our health and it is due to the use of coffee and other caffeine things like tea,coffee,cigarette and many other pills for keep yourself awake.

Panic attacks

Coffee is the cause of panic attacks and these attacks are mostly common in the ladies they become prey in the disease of blood pressure and insomnia and other mental diseases .high consumption however reduces that mechanism of panic attacks .In the severe condition of panic attacks our hands start to trembling and the wrong ideas come in our mind and we feel bad things for the others we become like an eccentric person.

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Mentally sleep

With the use of coffee we think that it keep us awake and fresh but we are sleep mentally whether we are awake from apparently but our mind is not in the situation of working we do work with our body not our mind we feel fatigue and want to sleep but when we lay on the bed for sleeping then our sleep is lost from our eyes means the addiction of coffee disturb us mentally and physically . You feel much tired if you don’t find coffee but as you drink one drain you feel fresh means you are fully addicted of this drug.

Stomach problem

The addiction of coffee can make you the patient of stomach and many diseases start from the stomach and the ulcer, IBS and small intestine can destroy from the use of too much caffeine and due to it you can indulge in the diseases of kidney and if the kidney is expired then it is fact that man is expired and many skin allergies can cause the coffee addiction because skin are connected to our stomach and its benefit or harm are direct reach to our skin.

Loss of women fertility

Due to the coffee much cups the fertility of the women become loss and the women has lost the 27 % chances of pregnancy and the danger of miscarriage is increased a husband and wife any one of the both use the coffee cups more than one so when they do sex they transfer their addiction of coffee each other through the intercourse way then the chance of miscarriage and abnormality of the baby can increase it is a scientific research and many skin allergic can cause during your pregnancy.

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If the uses and benefits of coffee is too much then the harm of the coffee is much more so we should see the both sides of the picture means we see the benefit and the harm of the one thing at same time not see the uses of that things only. One cup of coffee is enough to stay too fresh and alive otherwise many diseases can produced in your body.