Why You Should Always Warm Up Before an Exercise

It is very important in number of ways to warm your body up before performing any type of workout. A warm up helps in increasing your circadian rhythm. It also helps in increasing blood circulation around your whole body by making it pass through your muscles, tendons and ligaments. Warming up makes you prepare for the workout both physically and mentally.

It is generally best to allow your body to warm up before performing any exercise. It gradually increases the temperature of your body and makes you more active to perform an exercise.

There are a number of benefits of warm ups which we are listing below:

It increases blood circulation

The blood circulation increases throughout your body after having a 5-10 minutes warm up either through walking or jogging. The blood flows through all of your muscles, ligaments and tendons. This is just like oiling a wheel before running it. You provide a chance to your body organs to work together and your heartbeat level starts increasing gradually and your muscles become warm which help in preventing injury. Warm ups before workout make your body flexible.

It prepares you mentally for workout

Warm up is also important to make you mentally prepared for workout. It provides ease and comfort to your mind and helps in engaging you in strenuous types of exercises such as cycling, hiking, weight lifting etc. exercise with great deal of stress requires a sufficient warm up and mental preparation.

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It prepares you physically for exercise

By increasing blood circulation and heart rate and by loosening your joints and making them flexible your body becomes totally prepared for any workout. This is possible just after a warm up. It helps in stretching your muscles and preparing them for hard physical activity.

It helps in delivering the nutrients to cells

Warm up helps in increasing the blood flow in your body which eventually helps in transporting the nutrients to each cell of the body and producing energy which is required for a workout.

It reduces the risk of cardiovascular abnormalities

If you perform heavy exercises without a warm up, it may harm your heart as extra force is exerted on your heart by sudden blood circulation in your body. Therefore, warm up before exercise eliminates the risk to the health of your heart.

It prevents you from muscle soreness

Warm up prepares your muscles for heavy workout and decreases the likelihood of excessive muscle soreness.

It makes the delivery of the blood to muscles easy

Warm up increases the degradation of hemoglobin which helps in breaking down the chemical complex of the oxygen which eventually enables it to separate from the blood and increase its delivery to all the body muscles.

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It reduces the viscosity of your muscles

Viscosity is not good for your muscles just like it is bad for the engine of a car. Warm up before the workout decreases muscle viscosity and increases the suppleness of the muscles.

It helps in promoting sweating

Remember! Sweating is healthful. Warm up helps in promoting sweating which reduces the amount of heat accumulated in your body. Your body needs to spend more energy in cooling your body down than through any other activity.