Short Guide to Threading Eyebrows and Shaping

Shaping a person’s eyebrows is no longer a fad but forms part of one’s beauty routine. Proper grooming has taught you that every facet of your face matters.

Nowadays, it is rare to find anyone that does not have a pair of shaped eyebrows.

Benefits of Shaped Eyebrows

The benefits you derive in performing hair removal from your eyebrows are intangible. Aside from presenting a more pleasant appearance, it lends more emphasis to your eyes. For the male populace, shaped eyebrows provide the bearer of additional angles to his face.

Tweezers: Going Traditional

Along with people’s fascination on having well-shaped eyebrows come the various techniques developed to achieve this. Years ago, when you want to sport thinner eyebrows or shape, all you need is to have tweezers on hand. This art of plucking hair from your eyebrows may take time. Furthermore, constant practice is required to attain some level of perfection on each of your eyebrow’s arch.

Wax: An Alternative Method

Waxing presents another way of removing hair on the brow over each eye. With the use of wax strips that also act like stencils, you can obtain a flawless pair of eyebrows. Simply place the strip over your eyebrows and make sure that the wax sticks on your skin. Then pull the strip swiftly to show your new eyebrows.

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The proper procedure must be observed to prevent any error. The side effects of pain and possible skin irritation are unavoidable in this case. If you prefer eyebrow waxing, then it is best to leave it under the capable hands of experts. You may choose to buy your own waxing kits if you think you are capable of doing so.

Threading Eyebrows: An Imported Technique

If you are tired of using tweezers and waxing, then threading may be the best method for you. This is a slightly new process, which is slowly gaining recognition as the most effective and the best way of shaping eyebrows. Most salons have begun to learn and offer threading as one of their services.

Threading traces its origin in India and the Middle East. As the term itself implies, this practice uses thread as its main tool in removing hair. An aesthetician wound unwanted hair on the eyebrows in a tight, double-coiled manner with the use of the string. The thread is then pulled together with every hair attached to it.

Precision is the Key

As a first step, threading is done to remove the hair between your two eyebrows. You can then proceed on hair on the top and bottom to give it the shape that you want. Your eyebrows arch should guide you on what direction to go.

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Threading eyebrows generally provide a precise and exact result. You are able to determine what your shape preferences are in terms of thickness and length.

Possible Downside

The accompanying pain is the only negative effect of threading. However, this is present in the other methods as well. It is the most effective among the three choices with regards to costs and efficiency. It saves time as compared to plucking and avoids the side effects connected with waxing.