Choose among the Variety of Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

There is definitely a wide range of makeup ideas for blue eyes. In fact, you can still settle for blue, but you need to be extremely careful with your choice. A lot would prefer to use the glittering or the shimmering blue to accentuate the color and not to make the eyes appear blander or duller.

Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

So what types of colors can you use for your blue eyes? Let’s begin with the eyeshadow for blue eyes. Some of the best options include deep blue, violet, brown, gray, deep blue, and taupe. If you’re planning to use eyeliner, you can settle for the thicker one if you really one to have your eye color popping out. On the other hand, you can do away with it if you like to maintain a more natural look.

There are also makeup ideas for hazel eyes. Unknown to many, hazel eyes are interesting, since their color can suddenly change, depending on the eyeshadow or eyeliner you apply. For instance, if your hazel eyes have tints of brown, if you wear thicker brown eyeshadows, your blue eyes may instead look like brown eyes.

If you have blonde hair and blue eyes, then you do have several choices. You can even play along with your looks. It’s possible to settle for something dark, more like smokey, but it’s not advisable to go for earthy colors. These include mossy brown, forest green, and mushroom taupe. Other colors you should avoid are very deep red and purple, those that resembles the shade of an eggplant.

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How to Put on Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

One of the eye makeup ideas for blue eyes is to use two complementary colors just to enhance the appearance of the eyes. This means that there’s a color you put on the crease and another on top. When you’re applying makeup from the brow to the lashes, you use the neutral shade. Opt for something medium dark when you’re creating the creases. If you have small eyes, you can wear some shimmer on the inner corners to make them look bigger.

You can then line the lids. The shade will depend whether you want a smokey eye or not ranau. You can finish the makeup with mascara. During daytime it’s enough to apply one coat. You don’t want to overdo your look during the morning. If you’re attending a party, it’s possible to add a few more.

Getting More Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

These are just the best basic makeup tips for blue eyes. You will find a lot more that are cool and cute. But where do you exactly look for them?

The first choice should be the Internet. The World Wide Web has a wealth of photos and videos you can take a peek on. You can download the pictures and use them as pegs when you’re applying the makeup. The videos will immediately give you an idea on how to carry on various looks for a particular scene when you have blue eyes.

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