How to Keep T-Shirts Looking New?

How to keep t shirts looking new? I think this is a question of all people. You got a beautiful t shirt that fits your body.  And you want to wear it at anywhere, any events. But how to keep it looking new, not getting discolored, worn and old?

Here are five tips to keep your t shirts looking new:

1. Soaked t shirt in vinegar water

When you just bought a t shirt, let’s dilute a bit vinegar with water then soaked it at least 30 minutes.

This helps keep the t shirt retain in color very good, not discolored.

2. Iron on inside of t shirt

If t shirt composition contains a lot of cottons, it will be wrinkled when you wash by the washing machine and wear it for a time. Therefore, you should iron t shirt to make it look neat and smooth.

That what needs to be done. However, please note that you do not iron on the outside, just flip inside of t shirt out and iron on it. By doing so, you will help the fabric not be pressed, the color still retains, the ink not peeled.

3. Do not wash with bleach or soap powder with strong detergent

It’s important to keep the shirt looking new. If exposed to strong bleach, the t shirt can be faded away because cotton affected make t shirt can be discolored. It would be a pity if your favorite t shirt will no longer be used anymore.

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4. Wash your t shirts by hand

To avoid your t shirt getting stretched, you should wash it by hands instead of the washing machine.

When hanging t shirt, you should hanging it in a horizontal along the wire. Furthermore, do not use hangers because your t shirt will be stretched out in vertical.

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5. Hangs the t shirt inside out

When hanging your t shirt, you remember to flip the inside out to dry.

If you hanging with the outside of t shirt, should avoid the direct sunlight. The part which under the sunlight will be faded away easily, lose its new look.

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