Best Food Items to Cook for Guests on Eid Festival

Eid food items

Eid is synonym of celebrations, festivities, greetings and food parties. When we think about eid along with refreshing looks, huge dining tables are also come in mind. In every home, eid special food is made to celebrate eid charm with great festivity. Eid house –lady prepare some special food items to offer those guests who come to hoe for eid greetings.

In our country almost every home has its special food item which is famous in relatives and friends. That special food item is essential to made because lots of people are just come to your home for enjoy that food item

To celebrate this eid charm with great exiting fun and huge entertainment, here we are sharing some excellent eid food items. These eid food items are liked by every person so these can be special and significant part of your eid menu. Get ready to prove you as master chef and let your family members and eid guests to enjoy delicious eid special food items.

If you are seeking for some special eid recipes then stay with us because we are sharing some festive and delicious eid special food items which will be memorable for your family. All these food items are just mouth-watering and full appetite. So get ready to attain lots of admiration and prayers by offering such delicious food items to respective eid guests.

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Sheer khurma

First of all, I would like to mention sheer khurma, it is vital food recipe for Eid-ul-Fitar. To share the sweet greetings of eid, this food is essential to offer every eid guest who comes in your home to share eid joviality.

Chana chaat

No one can forget channa chaat at eid event; especially youngsters and kids are specially demand for this food item. Must keep it in your eid menu and make festive memories with your cousins and friends h by sharing this spicy eid dish.

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

Biryani is common food item, to celebrate eid festivity think about something new taste of biryani. Ideas of Hyderabadi chiken biryani or Sindhi biryani both are superb to offer a festive eid launch to your guests Viralhost. (If you are not export to make special Hyderabadi biryani then you must try it before eid as a practice)


Don’t let the kheer finish from your refrigerator at eid events. It is matchless traditional desert to offer your guests with meal. Kheer is something great to enhance the eid sweetness by its delicious taste. Despite meal you can also offer kheer to your eid guests to share eid celebrations.

Fried meatballs

I personally love this food, it is superb for eid lunch. If you are inviting your eid guests at launch then must keep this dish in your menu. Fried meatballs can offer both with (pathani roti or boil rice). It will definitely enhance the charm of your eid dinning table.

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Beef nihari

Nihari is included in Pakistani traditional food items and it is specially cooked at special festive events. You can keep this food item in your eid menu. It will be delicious meat dish but different from those of common (kormas and gosht salan) dishes.

Chocolate cake

Another yummy eid food item is cake. According to your guests choice you can make chocolate, creamy or dry fruit cakes to make your eid more sweet and delicious. Cake is mouth watering fort everyone. You can offer it to your every guest and I am sure that they will eat it with great appetite.

Chicken pizza

Bake a delicious chicken or vegetable pizza to make your guests happy and more frank. Pizza is liked by everyone so it can offer to every eid guest to celebrate eid charm with great love. Idea of pizza is best to spend special get to gather with friends and relatives at eid event.

Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

If you are not interested in traditional biryani or palao dishes then idea of Chinese chicken fried rice are superb to make something special for your eid guests. For mouth-watering eid dining table arrangement, Chinese chicken fried rice is superb to make eid special and full of appetite.

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Italian pasta

For fast lovers, idea of Italian pasta is best to enhance eid celebrating charm. Pasta with cold drink is best get to gather to enjoy eid time with friends and realities. You can make Italian, vegetarian ort chicken pasta according to your choice and can offer great deal to your eid guests.