Creating an Evening Look: Make up for Eye (Lid or Brow)

Why is an evening make up for eye necessary? All right, look into these situations: Are you going out for a big date with your long-time crush or a dinner meeting with your hunk (a.k.a. secret crush) of a boss or a meet-the-parents dinner at your boyfriend’s pad or just a simple girls’ night out? Whatever the evening occasion, you have to look your best, and you can start with your eyes. Fortunately, there are some makeup secrets to create an evening look by focusing on your eyes.

Secrets to a Beautiful Eye Makeup Application

The first thing that you have to do is prepare your eyes for makeup by a very light foundation (preferably liquid) or concealer. Don’t overdo the concealer. Apply a few dots of concealer as preparatory make up for eye circles, which may be dark or discolored. Pat the concealer starting from the inner corner of your undereye toward the outer corner until the material disappears. Remember that you should not use your ring finger when doing this step.

Next, add a primer to your eyelids. The primer will act as base that holds the eye shadow in place. The make up for eye lids should last for hours, or else, you will look very unglamorous with greasy and cracking eyelid makeup.

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So the next time you go out on a date or formal event, do not forget how the eye with makeup can complement your face and ensemble.

Eye Shadow Makeup

Are you still stuck with just one shade for your eye shadow? Wake up, girl! That was the fashion during our grandmothers’ teen years. The “in” makeup is that of three tones. You really have to emphasize the eye shadow because it is your eyes that will first captivate other peoples’ gaze. You can blend these tones and hues in a way that looks like a beautiful rainbow. Eye makeup application should be fun and colorful.

You can start with eye shadow makeup colors that lightly match your lid. Sweep the material to until it reaches your brow. Then, choose a darker shade and sweep it over the lids for that sultry effect. Lastly, add the darkest or brightest color to the crease.

How to Do Eye Makeup-the Finishing Touches

The secret to applying eye makeup for extraordinary beauty comes endlessly after you apply eye shadow. What look would you like to achieve tonight? If you like a soft yet seductive look, try applying eye shadow as an eye liner instead of a regular liner. Choose the darkest shade that will complement the other colors you use for your eyelids and apply this to the upper and lower lids by brushing gently.

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You may also want to accentuate your eyebrows using a gold color that you can blend lightly to create a beautiful effect. For a finishing touch, apply colorless mascara then black for volume. It’s not too difficult to apply eye makeup; How to get the right night look is very easy.

Evening affairs are often special; Therefore, you definitely want to look your best. If you have followed the easy steps above and know Jenis Kartu Kredit BRI, you must have got the eye and eyebrow makeup that can create the best evening look suitable for your perfect evening event.